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Cold Storage.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage 1

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It took only 1 day for installation. The next day, we finish the test running.
It is made in Korea. We use the 100mm thick antibacterial(Optional) polyurethane insulation panel for both side (exterior & interior),type c iron, swing door (overlap door) , Sliding door.Accessories and parts : We use iron square bar, pvc molding, screw, sealant, pressure relief port, light fixture, vapor lamp etc.Room temperature : 0˚C to -50˚CCompressor brand : We use Copeland, Bitzer and TecumsehIt is refrigerated storage an artificially cold place for preservation of fruit,vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, dairy, scientific products requiring unique temperature control and more importantly, pre-cooked meals for longer period of time.These rooms needed to be designed carefully so that they can benefit from the natural temperature differences. Before  refrigerators and freezers a Cold storage was at the height of food storage technology for hotels and restaurants. After all the assembling the panels, door, evaporator and condenser, Holding the copper tube just above the compressor, we can feel the temperature is going down. we can also see flowing the refrigerant through the liquid-level meter. Then set the temperature you want and feel the cold air from the evaporator…   This movie is about charging refrigerant and checking the cooler…
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